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CarbotAnimations - DiabLoL

Мнение от Dimcho » 11 апр 2019, 13:22

CarbotAnimations от години правят кратки и доста забавни видеа, вдъхновени от игрите на Blizzard, а от скоро възобновиха старата си идея за DiabLoL-поредица, базирана на Diablo.

Сезон е по мотиви от оригиналното Diablo:

Завиден е ентусиазмът, с който тези хора подготвят всяко свое видео, което си личи по Епизод 7 - HELLo Diablo

Ето и копие на коментара на един истински фен - RetlocLive
  • 0:03 - Warriors' unique repair skill lowers the durability stat of items.
  • 0:18 - A joke about how players just leave their gold lying around for others to take. EDIT: Also, Sorcerer's unique skill is to recharge staves. Like a Staff of Firebolt only has 40 charges.
  • 0:27 - The entrance to the last dungeon level (Level 16) is touching a giant red circle.
  • 0:47 - Warriors have trouble dealing with the Hell Mages that spam Fireball.
  • 0:59 - Sorcerer is great in the late-game spamming lightning spells, but they cause friendly-fire.
  • 1:10 - Diablo's chamber is closed off until you find the lever that opens it up.
  • 1:19 - Player uses a world chest trap to kill an enemy.
  • 1:23 - Level 16 lever that opens up Diablo's chamber is found.
  • 1:30 - Diablo uses his Apocalypse spell to kill the heroes.
  • 1:52 - Heroes respawn in town without their items.
  • 1:58 - Decked-out hero one-shots Diablo.
  • 2:04 - Final game cutscene of the prince who was used to house Diablo, which the hero then stabs Diablo's soulstone within himself to try to contain him.
  • 2:17 - Sorcerer exploits the Apocalypse spell to kill Diablo and his minions while the chamber remains closed.
  • 2:33 - Post-game cutscene where the hero becomes the Dark Wanderer corrupted by Diablo's soulstone.